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The Jake & Karen Show

By Alex Matthews and Emiliana Wing



A podcast starring the beautifully horrendous Jake and Karen. A couple that’s been married for way too long but still has a lot to talk about. Listen to an adventure called “marriage“, of these two eccentric characters.


Jake – Alex Matthews

Karen – Emiliana Wing

Episode 1 “Sprinkles”

Episode 2 “Bedtime”

Episode 3 “The Bird”

I Hate PHilosophy

By María José De La Cruz



A mirror of words and a collection of thoughts that might leave you thinking.

I Hate Museums


By Maxine Rödiger



A play about a tragic Pandemic in 2020 causing a two year – lockdown that evokes a big challenge for five sisters, who are trapped with their malicious mother. How will they find freedom if they can’t go anywhere? Especially when a big secret is discovered.


Narrator – Hannah Wayent

Bridget Walker – Alyssa Riha

Grandma Josie – Joaquina Gentil

Barbara – Kiara Kästle

Angela – Julia Müller

Amy – María José De La Cruz

Maddie – Jenna Mae White

Martha – Maxine Rodiger

Adelyn – Faye Sirohi


Story Time

 Erwin The Lizard

 By Julia Müller


A story about a lizard who discovers that adjustment isn’t always the key to happiness and that he is the one to decide what he wants to do in life, no matter what others say. 

The little Happy Cup

 By Julia Müller


A story about a little happy cup that learns that imperfections (whatever that means) don‘t have to be a source for unhappy feelings or insecurities.


Meghan Carlson

Maxine Rödiger

Peter Böker

The Little Ballerina

 By Julia Müller


A story about a little ballerina who learns that trusting in yourself and having a good heart is most important to discover happiness again.


Karolina Kozak

Nitalia Hope

Amanda byers

Ana Moreno

A Little Bird Called Fred  

By Julia Müller

Translated by Bryce Tillman


A story about a little bird called Fred.


Jenna-Mae White

David Nordstrand

Come Follow Me

By Julia Müller



A collection of natural sounds as well as sounds of daily activities that invite us to feel less lonely. 


Episode 01 – In the Garden

Episode 02 -Have Breakfast With Me

Episode 03 – A Rainy Day At The Office

The Job

By Faye Sirohi & Ana Moreno



Hannah and Susan are two women in their mid-twenties who a working as secretaries for the CEO of CareForHair, a company that sells anti-hair loss remedies for men. Upon having been hired their boss, Mr. Davis, has promised them that they would be able to work their way up. However, after three years of hard labor, his promises have remained empty and he loves exploiting the women’s hard work and goodwill. One day, Susan and Hannah decide that they’ve had enough and will no longer be wasting the best years of their lives to a bald CEO of an anti-hair loss company. They have a plan.


Hannah – Ana Moreno
Susan – Faye Sirohi
Mr. Davis – David Nordstrand


Episode 1

Episode 2

The Utopia

By Theoni Bekiari 


The Greek Goddesses Athena and Iris have a discussion about the Perfect Country. In this discussion Athena summarizes the history of Greece, or better, the main good characteristics of Greece. At the end of their discussion, they decide to travel the world and visit each country to find its best aspects. They try to find the “recipe” for the perfect Country.



Paul & Randy

By David Nordstrand


Two best friends talking about the important things in life.

Written and spoken by David Nordstrand.



Life Socks

By Meghan Carlson


Getting life advice from a sock that speaks gibberish? WHY NOT.




By Bhavina Chhiba


“A series of poetry that is the true/human feelings from the reflection of the world we walk upon.