Our projects consist of original work, that artists from all over the world created for people who love art as much as we do, but don’t have access to it on a daily basis.

“You’ve Got Mail“


Given the circumstances of the world nowadays, we decided to create a project whose heart lies in the art of giving. We focused on sharing a part of what makes
us artists happy, with the world. Making days brighter for the people who need it the most.
Covid-19 is challenging love, our daily happiness, friendships, freedom, and hope. But we are here to fight back!
Art is a form of rebellion and hope. And we are here to light the way.
Most of these projects include interdisciplinary crafts. In other words , music, theatre, poetry. Everything we can hear, feel and imagine.
In these times that blind us the most , we are doing collaborative projects, that appeal to all of our senses but the eye.
Art is the highest form of hope, ignited by all of our imagination.